What We Mean By UI for a Website Design?

UI stands for User Interface; it is the front end of software, a website or machine. Consider a computer, it only understands the binary language but how we interact with it? We interact with a graphic screen and all inputs and outputs are in a form other than binary code. This thing is called the user interface.

User Interface of a Website:

Similarly if we talk about a website UI than what we see is actually because of the coding that is written, either manually by humans or in an automated way by using a software, during the website design.

There is a complete source code working behind graphic interface that we see in our browsers. This code may be seen by using the view source code tab in your browser to get an understanding of what is actually running in background while we are dealing with website user interface.

Impact of Website User Interface Design:

Several things have to be taken in consideration while finalizing website user interface design. This list includes, but not limited to, age, gender, target market for website or audience, purpose of the website, functionality offered, country and even religious impacts are often seen to be reflected on website design.

You are not going to see a religious site whose website UI consists of shocking pink, red or other similar colors; indeed you will find it in color scheme like white, grey or similar soft colors.

Whereas if you see websites which are designed specifically by considering kids in mind than you will see multi-color interface so that it may retain the interests of children intact.

Website UI design reflects the complete theme for which it is made, therefore it should be carefully finalized that what category of users will be interacting with your website.